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True Vanity’s SkinCare

True Beauty with True Vanity’s SkinCare! This product line is 100% natural and vegan. Each item is specifically designed to protect the face and provide moisture. These products are great for all skin types and are made specially so that you can give yourself the therapy you actually need. It’s a spa in your own home. Rich with nutrients and aromas great for aromatherapy. Explore each item and see how it can benefit you and enhance your TRUE BEAUTY!


Tru3 by True Vanity

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Vanity? Ain’t that a sin?

Welcome Beautiful People to the Vanity Room! In this space we promote self love and care in order to spread love and positivity to others. Sit on down and stare into that mirror. Get comfortable because we are about to fall in love with the person staring back at you. All of our products are laced with quality and are specifically designed to enhance your appearance and overall self esteem. Don’t fight it. Go ahead, indulge in luxury. 

Be sure to stop by and listen to the inspirational gems dropped by our lovely owner Victoria. “Sometimes, people just want to see others getting through the same thing”- Victoria Payne. True Vanity lives to inspire others and to love all. Come on! Join in on our journey to happiness. 

Oh yeah, be on the lookout for our social and service events coming to a city near you! Thank you so much for being such a beautiful person. Spread as much love as you can. Until, next time!

Messages from the Heart

Self Love and Care is Necessary

No one can tell you who you are. No one can love you more than you can. Only you can decide who you are and what you want to be. Come on, let’s get to work!

Love Thy Self

Self love and care is the best thing I can sell you and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! We have to love ourselves from within so that we can display love on the outside. I will work to provide you information, tips, and products that will assist you with that. Stay tuned protective styles on the way!


Brazilian Loose Wave Bundles